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Best Way to Protect my PDF eBook?

When creating a PDF eBook, you need to be careful that PDF security concerns are adequately addressed.

Many eBook authors and producers today neglect to protect their PDF in a thorough manner, and end up regretting their PDF security decision later. Because in a few short weeks, hundreds, if not thousand of unauthorized copies of their PDF are sure to become available online.

How do PDF thieves manage to get around the PDF protection many eBook authors choose to use? The primary method most PDF authors use is the password method. That is, a special password they send to authorised users of the PDF file by email. Together with instructions to use this password to enable opening of the PDF file, this goes a small way toward preventing massive copying.

But the PDF password method to open a PDF file alone, can never be very effective, for the simple reason that the password can be easily passed along with the PDF file itself. As part of a single zip file, attached to the PDF file.

This is the main weakness in PDF security using a password, alone. It’s too easy for others to pass around.
What other solutions are there? Adobe Acrobat does have other, more complex PDF security methods, but they are quite complex. And Adobe Acrobat is not a cheap program to buy in the first place.

A number of alternate, more secure PDF protection methods are available that not only place a protective shell around your PDF document, they also offer real-time monitoring of who is opening your PDF file and how often.

This is offers much greater security because not only do you know that your PDF file has been opened, you can also withdraw user access to your PDF files at any time you want.

If you have a question about how enhanced PDF protection and security systems like these work, please take a look at these Frequently Asked PDF Security Questions.

  1. Maureen
    September 26th, 2009 at 07:32 | #1

    Good tips. I saw your answer to my question on Yahoo answers;

    I’m going to check out the PDF security FAQs you mentioned.

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer my Yahoo question.

  2. PDF Security Advisors
    September 26th, 2009 at 07:37 | #2

    You’re welcome. Glad to be of assistance to your Yahoo Answers question. We would be happy if you’d rate our answer favorably, when the time comes.

    Talk soon,
    PDF Security Advisors

  3. Jack Goodman
    August 9th, 2010 at 05:10 | #3

    I have an ebook presently in word which I want to convert to PDF and need to know if Book Guard Pro will do the following:
    Allow for a copy of the book to be physically downloaded.
    Detect if the book is being illegally downloaded.
    Work on Kindle and similar devices.
    Allow me to cancel the book if necessary
    Also could you please let me know how the protected book is normally held prior to being purchased.



  4. PDF Security Advisors
    August 10th, 2010 at 02:33 | #4

    Hello Jack – answers for you are below;

    Allow for a copy of the book to be physically downloaded?


    Detect if the book is being illegally downloaded?

    Here’s how; Our system works by tracking the IP address of the person who’s is opening your files. More than one IP address accessing your file in a short period of time can be a good indicator of file sharing – and something to flag. You can then take a deeper look in your account to see and ask your customer to justify the multi-IP issue. You can then block or allow continued access as you see fit.

    Work on Kindle and similar devices.

    YES – the advanced version works on all platforms. The basic version only on Windows PCs. For a video on how the advanced version looks and works, please see this “How to Take Your PDF Presentations to the Next Level” video at the bottom of the page, here; http://bookguardpro.com/support.php

    Allow me to cancel the book if necessary


    Also could you please let me know how the protected book is normally held prior to being purchased.

    On your server, where you have uploaded the exe or ZIP file to. Then it is accessed by the purchaser, from a link to the file on your server. There are alternate arrangements we can discuss with you if you need.

    Hope to see your order soon, on http://www.bookguardpro.com

    Talk soon, Roger

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