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3 Good Reasons to Protect Your PDF Today

September 23rd, 2009 PDF Security Advisors 3 comments

pdfthief 3 Good Reasons to Protect Your PDF Today

What happens if you don’t protect your PDF documents?

Real-life PDF Security Failure Example;

I launched an ebook in 2007, on how to market a business online, using pay per click marketing. I chose not to protect my PDF with any PDF security, other than the standard protection available within Adobe Acrobat. Today thousands of unauthorized PDF copies are floating around the internet – costing me tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales.

The most common kind of simple PDF protection available within Adobe Acrobat, are;

  • using a password to prevent people highlighting & copying your text – then pasting into a word document or similar
  • using a simple password that people must enter to open the PDF document

Is Password PDF Protection Effective?

Clearly not. Someone who says ‘protect my PDF’ and expects it to be done with a password, alone, has this to worry about;

A Google search for the term, “PDF Torrent” yields about 77,500,000 results. Today’s wired world virtually assures that if your document is even remotely desirable, massive file sharing will occur. If a protective security shell is not placed around your PDF document, thousands of PDF copies will be distributed against your wishes.

Relying on PDF Passwords is Deadly

Yet many companies and individuals continue to rely on these weak security methods to prevent online theft. Here are 3 good reasons to protect your PDF with stronger security than the simple password methods available from within Acrobat;

1. If PDF protection is not in place, massive copying of your file is virtually assured, bringing financial losses to you and your company

2. Your copyright protection can be weakened by the fact you did not take necessary precautions. A judge may not look seriously upon any complaint you have, if you have not made a good effort to protect your intellectual property. This has been shown to be a loophole, allowing digital thieves to escape prosecution in a number of recent cases.

3. Digital thieves may be encouraged to look further into your online activities, seeking additional ways to steal from you, knowing that you have security holes in even the most simple areas – your documents

What are Some Practical PDF Protection Alternatives?

Simple, inexpensive and easy to use PDF protection methods are available, including versions where a customer can download only a specially-protected version of your PDF, and opened up on their computer using a special code. But here’s the critical part; such protection must not only be a password. It must also include live, real-time monitoring of when and from where (IP address) your file is being opened.

In this way, you can monitor who is opening your PDF files online, when and from where.

Additionally, such a PDF protection system must include the facility to withdraw access to your PDF files – at your discretion – from anyone you wish. Book Guard Pro is an easy-to use system that has all these features; code protection, live monitoring of PDF usage and the ability to withdraw access at any time.

Versions of Book Guard Pro are available that enable their PDF file protection system to be used on both Windows PCs and Macs. To download a live example of this easy and inexpensive PDF protection system, click here.

A PDF protection coupon is available here where you get one month of PDF protection free.

For step-by-step PDF protection videos and further details of the easy steps to protecting  and monitoring your PDF documents, please watch PDF protection videos here .