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Frequently Asked Questions

(don't worry, we've got you covered!)


Question 1: Say on rare occasion I want to "gift" a copy of my book...is that possible with the BookGuardPro system?
Yes, you can certainly do that. All you would have to do is log into your BookGuardPro members account and enter the person’s name and email address and they will receive their license code by email automatically. Only takes about 30 seconds for you to do.

Question 2: Will BookGuardPro prevent the 'distilling' of my PDF file with my regular program?
Not at all. You produce the PDF in the normal manner (with Adobe Acrobat or similar PDF producing program).

You place the BookGuard security ‘around’ the PDF. It leaves the actual content of your PDF untouched.

Question 3: How much does your BookGuardPro service cost?
Your first month is just $2.87. Following months are just $17, for any number of digital products you may wish to protect (even if you have over a hundred different products you sell ... your total cost is still $17 and will never increase as long as you are a subscriber).

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Question 4: I have a Microsoft Word file needs to remain in Word (so that people can complete a workbook and periodically resave). How can we accomplish that?
If you are going to use a Word file, there is no easy way I know of to protect that document. They will be able to copy it and distribute very easily. I strongly suggest you find another way to do what you need to do, such as Adobe PDF form or some other method. Microsoft Word security is Zero!

Question 5:  I want to keep my site branding and have my clients get their BookGuardPro license while staying on my site. Can this be done?

Yes. One of the best references we have found on how to build a frame into your new or existing webpage is here

This is exactly the kind of info you need to keep your branding. If you would like me to have one of my programmers give you html coding assistance to get this done, I can do so. Or, if they are busy I can at least recommend a source where you can get this done for low cost.

Question 6: I entered my info on the BookGuard Registration page, but I cannot seem to log-in.
Please ensure you completed the PayPal transaction, or you will not be able to log-in. If you have any problems, just contact roger@bookguardpro.com or use the Contact Us link above, and we will be happy to help you

Question 7: What about MP3, Software and Video files. Can I protect those?
Yes, you can protect these with BookGuardPro. What you need to do, is ensure that the user is forced to use a player that does not allow them to save the files. BookGuardPro stops them from sharing the protected file. After the file is opened the player must not allow them to go File > Save As. As long as there is a way you can force them to use a player or viewer that does not allow File > Save As… then everything works great.

Question 8: Does BookGuardPro work with Apple Macintosh computers?
YES! We do have an Advanced security solution suitable for all Macintosh computers (works on Windows PC's too). This costs a little extra, because we have to manually set additional features and run special conversion process so Apple machines can view the protected document.

The solution is not .exe file based (as with our Basic system) but browser based, and works very well. You CAN protect your PDF and other files, so they can be read on all MAC computers! Details are available at the bottom of this FAQ page, or the bottom of our sales page, here; bookguardpro.com/home.php together with a video showing you how it looks (this works for both, Mac and PC).

Presentation of the book is quite sophisticated, with flipping pages and other advanced features that make your book or document look very professional.

Question 9: Before I order BookGuardPro; after my 30 day trial do you automatically charge my PayPal acct. And do you give me the option to cancel before charging me?
When you complete the PayPal page, you automatically set up the first month at $2.87 and the following months at $17. You can cancel at any time.

You can cancel during your first month or any other month, from within your own PayPal account and pay nothing more.

Question 10: I read on your website that BookGuardPro uses the IP address of users to uniquely identify who is opening the protected file?  I believe some users have dynamic IP addresses that are different every time they sign on to their computer at home.  Wouldn't this cause problems?
This should not cause a problem, because the first parts of the IP address should be fairly similar. It’s only when you start to see ‘wildly’ different IP addresses being used to open your products that you would get alarmed in this case.

For example, if you logged into your BookGuard control panel and saw this; / exchng-168.wn45.reliablehostin (1 times) / host217-40-240-73.in-addr.btop (1 times)

You could be pretty sure this is two different people, opening the file in different locations. Time to ask some questions and withdraw their access if you are not happy with their answer!

But if you saw this; / host217-40-240-79.in-addr.btop (1 times) / host217-40-240-79.in-addr.btop (1 times)

(see how the only difference in the above two pieces of info is the fourth group of numbers (.75 and .73)?

...these are very similar… you could therefore be reasonably sure the above is the same physical location (same person) and perhaps a 'dynamic IP', like you say.

The above IPs are very similar and only the '73' and the '75' in the series of numbers has changed. See the difference? This would indicate to me a 'dynamic' IP address situation you suggest and I would personally not be alarmed at seeing such similar IP addresses opening your file.

You can monitor how many times and from what IP address your files are being opened from, and ask tough questions of your clients if you don’t like what you see. Then remove their access if they do not answer to your satisfaction.

Question 11: Can I distribute my files on CD... instead of internet download?
Yes, you can certainly put your protected PDF file on a CD and distribute that way. The method of delivery (physical or over internet) does not really matter.

Now, your clients will need to have access to the internet in order for them to be able to open the BookGuardPro exe file that contains your PDF. Some form of live communication between the file and the ‘access controller’ will always be required in order for you to have control over your file after it leaves your hands.

You just give your clients the URL of the registration page for the particular product you have set up in BookGuardPro.

So, simply set up the product in BookGuardPro and it does not matter whether they download it or whether you send to them on CD. Once it's on their computer it's the same thing totally.

They just need to go the bookguardpro.com URL the system will tell you to give to your clients (you can tell them that in a letter you ship with your CD, or by email after the sale)... and the rest is fully automatic. What's more, you will be advised when they register for their licence, so you know they have done so.

Question 12: How do I set up PayPal to work with BookGuardPro (BGP)?
Here's how to easily set up PayPal to work with BookGuardPro;

a. Set up your PayPal button so your customers get sent directly to the BookGuardPro (BGP) link you were provided with (when you entered your new product details in BGP).

b. They will arrive at your BGP page and enter their name and email. They are given the BGP unlock code

c. They then automatically get sent to your download (page on your site) to get the product

d. PayPal subscription continues

Question 13:
How do I set up 1ShoppingCart to work with BookGuardPro (BGP)?
BookGuardPro works perfectly with 1ShoppingCart (and all similar systems). All you have to do with 1ShoppingCart is host the actual product download (the BGP protected exe file) on your OWN site, rather than 1ShoppingCart's site. If you were to host the product download on 1ShoppingCart's site, there will be no way to introduce the BookGuardPro protection.

To repeat;

(a) simply host your BGP protected exe file on your own site, (b) send the person to your BookGuardPro link after the sale on 1ShoppingCart, (c) then the person will be automatically be sent by BGP to your own site for the download. This is proven to work great.


Question 14: I was just reading your 6 page report [available from the BookGuardPro Home page] about applying Acrobat protection before locking with  BookGuardPro anti-copy protection...what if I don't have Adobe Acrobat?
OK, no problem. You can get a 30-day trial of Adobe Acrobat here

And you can also get a 14-day trial of Nitro PDF here (does pretty much the same things as Adobe's) but is cheaper (less than $100). It does the things you need, that I describe in the 'PDF 101' proces document you mention), available from the home page of the Nitro PDF site here.


Question 15: Which version of your service works with Apple computers / Macs?

The Advanced version of BookGuard Pro is available to you for a reasonable, low-cost upgrade, should you decide, once you have your basic account. The Advanced version is a web-browser & Flash-based system (rather than exe based running on a PC desktop). This means the Advanced version runs on virtually all platforms, including Apple, PC, mobile browsers and more. For a video on how the ultra-professional Advanced version of BookGuardPro looks, please CLICK HERE

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